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So, I’ve only told one person so far about my weblog–the one who sent me her site.  I’m nervous about information getting out… what can I talk about freely and what should I not… about problems at work? problems with other people? about personal issues I am facing?  How personal?!  It all depends on who is going to read this thing… and I haven’t decided that either.  When you are anonymous, it doesn’t matter who reads it… but of course NO one will read it if you don’t tell folks, and if you tell them, you’re no longer anonymous.  It seems to me there should be different levels of revelation, and even different content… maybe I should have more than one weblog.  One that is very personal and available to just a few I trust a lot, another that is for concepts (anonymous so I can be unorthodox), one for church folks (which would be more pastoral/spiritual, but suitable for church visitors).  Hmmm.  What about one for family/friends who want to keep up on my personal life/journey?  Decisions, decisions!


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  1. I’ve often thought about getting a separate blog for my innermost thoughts, etc… one that I would tell no one about… I haven’t yet. If something’s really bothering me, I tend to post it on my current blog and try to make it vague enough that people can’t really pin down who or what I’m talking about… 🙂

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