Wow, I can’t begin to summarize all that has happened since my last blog–my moving to Lynchburg and all that has involved.  My little Honda seems to have survived the heavy loads ferried down each week from Arlington as I visited Kimberly.  My books of course made up the bulk of the transfer.  In place of a summary, I’ll just tell ya’ll the latest.

About 11 o’clock Saturday night I was carrying two armloads of things from Kimberly’s place out to my car.  I placed one armload on the ground and with my free hand reached into my front pocket to get my keys.  My wallet was in the way.  So I pulled my wallet out, slapped it on top of the car, and unlocked the front door.  I reached around to unlock the back door and unloaded everything onto the back seat.  Then I climbed in front and drove off… with my wallet still on top of the car.  Of course, I didn’t realize it was missing until Sunday afternoon, and by then someone else had already found it, with over $100 in cash, two checks, three credit cards, a metro pass worth $25. 

If I’m lucky and it’s an honest person, they will probably mail my wallet to the address on my driver’s license: 921 N. Quincy Street (which has been a big hole in the ground for two years now).  No, I never told DMV when we moved.  So I spent this morning getting a new driver’s license and cancelling my credit cards.  Another day in the life of Mr. Scatterbrained.


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  1. Yay– Kent updated!!
    Glad to see you’re ok, even if your wallet didn’t meet the same fate. 😦 Ugh, that must be frustrating. I know when my purse was stolen, it was a horrible experience… just trying to remember everything you had in it so you can cancel, get new stuff…. argh. Sorry that you have to deal with all of that!! 

  2. Kent! Good to hear from you. Keep the updates rolling.

  3. can’t remember the last time i lost my purse, but i hope you find your wallet.
    Keep us posted. We miss you.

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