It is great having email connection again.  The weather is beautiful this morning (isn’t it interesting that how I feel effects how I see the weather and not just the other way around)… the fact is it’s a bit chilly, but I’ll take sunny with any temperature rather than cloudy.  It has been mostly cloudy all winter here.  “Partly cloudy” where I come from means the day alternates between sunny and cloudy, but here it means sunny till 10 or 11 a.m. and then totally overcast the rest of the day (I noticed the same in Arlington).  I will be travelling to Europe to speak the second and third week of April and may be going through D.C. and catch up with some of yous guys.  Have a great day!


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  1. Kent, your blogging consistency is such a blessing!!!  If you do happen to pass through the old stomping grounds, please hang out.  Enjoy europe and remember, we say potatoe, they say potahto, lets call the hole thing off!

  2. Eddie, thanks for the encouragement.

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