Berly was co-director of a group home called L’Arche.  She felt very stressed by the job: all the responsibility, feeling the expectations exceeded her energy, etc.  The one person that made the job worth it for her was the other director.  He died last night suddenly of a heart attack.  He was both an emotional support for her and an occupational support–taking most of the heat for difficult things.  He and his wife had started to really click with us as good friends–we went out for dinner and a movie the night before he died.  

Now the likelihood is that she will be pressured to carry on the job on her own, at least in the short-term, which would include doing things that she hates doing and wipe her out emotionally.  Of course, she can’t just quit or the house would probably come apart.  Please pray for her, the home, and me as I try to support her.


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  1. Wow, Kent, that must be really devastating for everyone involved.  How is his wife doing?  Do they have kids?  How are the rest of the people in the house doing with the loss?  You and Kimberly are definately in our prayers.

  2. Hey, Karen, you guys were talking about coming down.  There’s a huge amount of stress floating around now, so probably not a good idea at this time.  Their kids were grown.  The wife’s taking it pretty well.  Everybody is still in shock.  Thanks for the prayers.  Love ya, Kent

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