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Okay, so it has been forever… well four months… since my last blog.  First, I had to get accustomed to working a full time job again, one that is very different from anything I have done before and lots of things to learn with a fluctuating schedule.  Second, I had to move into the L’Arche home (at the end of July), though I left most of my furniture, etc. at the apartment for a friend to use.  Third, I had to take everything from a two bedroom apartment and reduce it to one room (at the end of September).  Some of my books and furniture are at Berly’s place, some stuff I gave away, and some are packed into every spare hole in my bedroom at L’Arche.  At least it’s bigger than my efficiency in Arlington (but there I had storage at the church).

I keep up with all you bridgeway folks through your blogs (I check it daily), though it says more about your personal lives than about B242.  There is so much I am learning and being stretched with at L’Arche.  It can be very stressful but also relaxing depending on what is going on and if anyone is having a bad day–we are very relationally based and a small community, so anyone’s issues becomes everyone’s issues.  I used to think that if you worked hard enough at being a community, you would reach a level of being fairly comfortable and supportive with each other…  Now I am learning that true community is always full of screwed up people and relationships, and the hope is that the positive will outweigh the negative, but that even the negative, when faced in a healthy way, is really valuable for our growth personally and as a community. 

Love to all of you at Bridgeway, Kent


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  1. Good to hear from you Kent. I’ve been pondering your statements about community and the BW242 blogring. I think you’re right–talking about being in community rarely leads to being in community. More than likely it will happen when you are sharing yourself and willing to take on others’ burdens and enjoy their successes.

  2. Kent!  Good to hear from you.  Glad to hear that L’Arche is working out, and that your room is bigger than the efficiency in Arlington.  Bridgeway is going well, Mikey, Dave (“missionman2000”), and Matt McC have a terrific worship band going, we are really blessed by them every week.  We’re on our fourth speaker series of the year, we did Acts, then Social Justice, then Transformation, now we’re doing truths from the Old Testament that transcend to the New Testament.  We have a series of speakers, some new, some recurring, some members, who cover these topics, I think it’s been going fairly well.  We’re averaging 20-25 people a night, and now do a full meal every Sunday after service (thanks to the team of terrific and committed hospitality volunteers!) We are now in the process of putting a call out for hiring part-time leadership.  I know I’ve overtyped the socially acceptable limit of an e-prop, but there you go.  I never was one for coloring inside the lines.  Hi to Berly!  Best, K 

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