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What a beautiful snow we had yesterday! About 8 inches. I have only lived here a few years, but it seems pretty common for a good snow to be followed by blue skies the next day. The snow & sun converged with my day off, and the combination made me feel like I was on vacation. It was quite delightful. I love blue skies, even on really cold days. It is supposed to be up to the high 60s in a couple of days! Very different from Chicago.
I took a week off in February and traveled to Columbia for a week working on more research for my dissertation. It is coming along slowly… more slowly now because I have additional work at L’Arche. We have built a second house right next to the first one that will open up in a month. The present leader will be moving to the new house and the director asked me to head up the old house. I feel it is a role for which I am well suited, but the transition is going to be difficult, especially because I really struggle to relate in a healthy way to the present leader(s), and we have to cooperate regarding many things during the transition.
Blessings to all, janathan


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  1. i agree with your thoughts on blue sunny skies…i will take the cold, just give me sunny skies! Glad you enjoyed your “vacation” day. God is good!

  2. So, Princess, how’s the grace book going? Or did you get bogged down by the exercises?

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