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I have been struggling more with depression in the last few weeks and it deflates my energy for social media.  I kept trying to process the feelings because it always helps me work through to a better place if I can identify the source of my emotions, but I could get nowhere with it, so I used busyness as an alternative escape.  I think I have finally identified the source… Kimberly’s discouragement at work.  Not only do I suffer because she suffers, but both of us continue to be inspired by the L’Arche vision (even though I resigned a year and a half ago) and we have kept hope alive that this L’Arche community would find its way through the turmoil to a place of genuine L’Arche living.  With Kimberly now having doubts after hanging in there so long, it is the slow death of our dreams for a community that embraces weakness as a core value.  This is why we moved to Lynchburg in the first place, and it leaves a sense of emptiness, uncertainty, pain, loss.


Posted October 25, 2011 by janathangrace in Personal

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