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“To live in community with others, which is what God created us to do, means I not only don’t always get things done the way I would prefer them to be done, but that I am called to something much higher; to show grace and kindness toward others and to even get happy about things being done in a manner that I do not prefer. Sometimes, there’s a greater right than being right.” (Randy Booth)

Randy makes an important point, one that I would take even farther by throwing a question over the very certainty of my “right”-ness.  I have discovered over the years that “right” is far from clear in most situations.  Here are a few of the things that make me more tentative about my correct assessments:

1) My overall idea might be right, but I might be wrong in important details which throws the whole thing off.  The words they spoke were untrue, but this came from an honest misperception, not intentional deceit.

2) I might know a truth with certainty but apply the wrong truth for this particular context (because I don’t know all the circumstances, the minds and hearts of those involved, the right valuation of priorities, the plan of God, who often takes a much less direct route than I).  Who knows whether mercy or justice should be applied, for instance.

3) The truth might be the right one to apply, but I may apply it with the wrong motive, the wrong method, the wrong timing, the wrong perspective.  Ungracious truth is untruth.

4) I might be certain I am right (about the principle, the circumstance, the person, the act) and discover later that I was wrong.  This has happened often enough to me that it makes me a bit more humble in my assumptions and assertions.

Truth in the abstract (principles) is such a very different thing than truth in the application.


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  1. Hey Jana, I don’t get by to visit you here often these days. Just glancing down through your posts I am first very impressed and delighted with the wonderful images you sprinkle throughout – they are fun and also connected in a wonderfully relevant way to what you’re talking about! I’m also impressed with how you are able to post regularly!

    And I love how you are speaking truth into the confusion and misguided assumptions of accepted ways of thinking.

    keep up the good work!

    I would write more but a warm cuddly purring kitty just settled on my right hand so this is now one finger of my left hand!

  2. How very, very true! God help me live by it!

  3. Profound!

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