I feel so very tired, weary of life, confused about how to respond in a healthy, soul-affirming way.  I’ve tried ineffectively to look for the root of my current depression so that I could apply grace to the wound, but it eludes me.  It seems that all I can do is learn to accept my condition with patience.


Posted January 16, 2012 by janathangrace in Personal

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  1. Sometimes Grace may have to include Dr’s. I have only read this one post so I don’t know if you are hooked up but I know your pain. Hang in there it will get better. I have been enjoying reading an incredible psychotherapist over on Quora named Mike Leary. Give him a read and see if some of his answers don’t help you find that peace you seek. http://www.quora.com/Mike-Leary?q=Mike+l

  2. One possible reason could be depression that runs within the family. My prayers are with you.


  3. Blessings to you Janathan. Knowing how far down depression can take one personally, just want you to know that this is not permanent…you may already know this . I need to be reminded and have fought this fight a very long time over my lifetime. I park in the Psalms for these “storms’ and singing them or reading them aloud, makes an incredible difference. You probably know all the rest, exercise, helping others…all this sounds good in theory, in the midst of it, when just waking up and getting ready for the day seem like a marathon in August may seem petty- but they do make a difference over time. I found that music was essential to healing, our souls just respond to it so well. If you could dance to it, well, that is a form of exercise and a ” shortcut to joy, ” Our bodies can be tricked out of some emotions so to speak. The physical act of smiling, dancing, etc. can indeed jumpstart our brains out of depression. I also found that doing something creative can make a difference. Your writing talent, obviously must make some difference. Making something three dimensional just for a change, be it a carving, a cake, a painting can also help in a concrete way. Most vitally, prayer is the best . Please know that I shall be interceding for you as well. It is of course powerful to know that Christ Himself who knows us so intimately, is interceding on our behalf. One day we shall “know as we are known.”
    Love your work, keep up the good fight…you are making a difference. The more we share our life’s struggles, the more we touch others with the truth, that we are not alone and that we are indeed “one another ” people connected by love.

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