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I wanted to thank you who read my blog.  There are only about 30 or 40 of you out there, but it makes all the difference to have readers.  I wanted to say thanks because the writing of these posts are a big blessing to me… It requires me to process and I re-read them more than anyone because I am helped by what I share, but I would not take the time to write without folks like yourselves who read (and occasionally comment) on the posts.  So I am doubly encouraged, by the blessing I get and the blessing I sometimes hear that others get.  I just feel grateful and wanted to share that.


Posted March 20, 2012 by janathangrace in Personal

4 responses to “Thank You!

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  1. I don’t miss one that you write – I appreciate very much your thoughts and processing. It helps me. God’s blessing on you.

  2. Thanks, anonymous! I feel blessed.

  3. I read every single one…I read them over again too. I always learn something…either I agree/have experienced what you are saying, but you put a clearer or different perspective on it or sometimes I disagree/haven’t experienced the same, but it helps me think through why… Sometimes you bring up holy heresies or sacred taboos that I am afraid to tackle or afraid to hurt others or afraid to plumb to the depths, but your courage to dip a toe or dive into them invites me. I often post your blog on my FB status and others who don’t know you read you too.

    • Thank you, Elisabeth! And thank you for your honesty. That is the level of interaction with the thoughts shared that is most satisfying to me, gives me a sense of connection, that I and Berly are not alone in the world.

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