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Matthew 1:2

“To Abraham was born Isaac.”

Those five words are packed with dramatic history.  The first seed in the family tree of salvation was barren.  I think I would have written it, “To Abraham….  was……. born…………….Isaac.  Abram had reached the end of a century with no son by his wife.  He is known as the Father of faith, the Father of the nation of Israel.  His very name meant father, from the Hebrew Ab, and if this were not enough, God renamed him Abraham, father of a multitude!   No wonder he and Sarah laughed, though it was a bitter chuckle I’m sure.

God does not set his watch by the earth’s revolutions.  He is unhurried, sometimes maddeningly slow.  “Patience” is one of the major Old Testament virtues, and it is not primarily an exhortation to longsuffering with our fellow men, but with our God!  That is why it is often used as a synonym for faith.  We usually think of faith as the courage to confront great odds, when in fact, it refers more often to doing nothing at all, to simply waiting on God to act.  For most of us the second takes far more faith than the first, and far longer faith.  It is not God who is impatient with our progress, but we who are impatient with His.  We cry, “How long, O Lord?!” and he says, “Trust Me. Wait.”  Especially in our hurried day, slow is a 4-letter word.  I wonder if we have lost our peace because it couldn’t keep up with our quick pace.

This is a wonderful word of grace to those of us who fear that God is disappointed, tapping his foot in impatience till we get it right.  It is the direction we are going rather than the length of our stride which keeps us in step with God.  He is not waiting for us to catch up, running after him with our little legs.  He is here for the relationship, not for the performance.  He wants the journey to be full rather than the destination to be reached quickly.  Slow is a word rich with peace, wisdom, and power.


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