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Yesterday Kimberly was reading to me from Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s “Gift from the Sea,” a breeze of calm and insight from the ocean by way of the author’s soul.  Anne spoke of the slow drift between spouses and the need to restore the purity and simplicity of the first wave of love.  Berly and I are coming up on our fifth anniversary (May 10), and neither of us want to return to those early days of our relationship.  Folks remember the romance, the excitement, the uncomplicated acceptance of one another, the overlooking of each other’s faults and feel sad that those intense feelings and sense of inseparability are gone.

Kimberly and I feel sad rather for a culture that believes romance is the fullest expression of relationship.  We would never want to trade what we have now for what we had then.  It was pure and simple then because it was so superficial.  We spent many hours every week for two years sharing openly with one another about the things closest to our hearts, so we knew one another fairly well at a basic level before we married, but knowing the basic truths about someone is so far short of really knowing them and connecting with their heart, which is why the first year of marriage is often so hard.  I know it was for us.

Like marriage, a sailboat on her maiden voyage looks sleek and beautiful, there are no rents or dings, and she slices effortlessly through the water.  But it is only after years of riding with her through the storms, risking life and fortune, and recalling the story of every rattle and dent that the captain knows his boat as no one else ever will, and the bond is deep and fierce.  As we share life with mutual understanding and love, the original beauty and delight I found in Berly fills with meaning and substance.  For me, every line of her face is an etching of her soul.  The roots of our hearts grow ever deeper and more entwined.  To pull us apart now would rend our vitals.


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