Little Miracles for Black Mondays   5 comments

Berly was having a black day this morning, remembering some very painful experiences in her last work place.  I sat and listened and asked questions.  Her sharing gave me a new perspective of my own struggles over the years because of my time in India.  I had no solutions, but just listening and accepting her thoughts and feelings picked up her spirits and enabled her to deal with some of the detritus from that time.  Some time later I was feeling emotionally fatigued, it seemed that life had no purpose and that nothing could change it.  I shared my sense of hopelessness, and simply interacting about it with Kimberly lifted the heaviest part of that weight.  We are continually amazed at how just sharing our feelings with an accepting person, who shares empathy rather than advice, does a work of healing in our souls.  Since nothing is actually ‘fixed’ and often no new insight is shed, it always suprises us to feel the relief, like little miracles that have no rational explanation.  Real Grace.


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5 responses to “Little Miracles for Black Mondays

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  1. Good to have someone to share such burdens with.

  2. Undescribably good!!

  3. As far as I’m concerned, this great truth can’t be stressed enough. True compassionate listening, absent of advice, really does help! It really does!!

  4. I agree, I was just sharing with a friend today how much talking to others about depression was the thing that made the biggest difference in my feeling better (that and meds and group therapy). One of the best things is to know that you are not alone in suffering and you can get better. Hang in there. Susan

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