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I am not a good writer by nature.  My sister is.  My wife is.  Creative words just stream from their fingers.  I envy those of you who can do this.  I have to slave for hours over a paragraph or two, partly because I am trying to disentangle my thoughts, but even more because I am trying to sort out my words.  I never suffer from writer’s block–my mind pumps out countless fresh ideas and insights. I have boxes and file folders full of scribbled notes on the backs of envelopes and the borders of bulletins.  Instead, I struggle from writer’s bottle-neck–all those ideas pile up behind my cramped ability to express them.

It seems the real artists among us are forced to express themselves.  They find relief and release and fire for their souls.  It is their antidote to depression.  Writing fills their tank, but it empties mine, and since I live with just enough fuel to make it through each day, I often have no energy to write.  Thank you for sticking with me anyway and finding some benefit in what I say, and especially for responding, which does actually energize me.  May each of you be blessed with a fresh taste of God’s grace today.


Posted January 12, 2013 by janathangrace in Personal

9 responses to “Plodding Slowly

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  1. “Instead, I struggle from writer’s bottle neck..” Great phrase! I love it…and I can see how it is true for you 🙂 You might not have creative words streaming from your fingers… but you do have these great ideas and ways of expressing them when you get down to it. I’m so glad you do write when you feel you can.

  2. Hang in there with the ‘labour pains’,… the ‘baby’ you create with each paragraph is life giving, deep & insightful. 🙂

  3. I totally agree with both Kimberly and Judy. Just what I wanted to say. I love your “babies” and they grow in my mind into supportive little thought “people”!! What does give you relief? relax you?

  4. OK I should have put in my email and name on the last comment so it won’t call me “anonymous”
    Mardi 🙂

  5. Mozart wrote over 40 symphonies in roughly 25 years. He died at the tender age of 35, Beethoven wrote a mere 9 symphonies in his 56 years. Writing can be cathartic and can be an arduous process. No matter, quality can never be measured by quantity. I’m looking forward to the notes you’ve left here on your blog. I can already tell, knowing almost nothing else about you, that you are a kindred spirit.

  6. Thanks, Maesha for taking the time to read and comment and for the positive thoughts. May we all find better ways of sharing grace on and off our blogs!

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