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Kimberly and I have been reading together Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott.  She is funny and gently provocative, mostly by relating her own shortcomings.  We just read a chapter on forgiveness that sparked memories of a story I want to tell, a story of my own failure and awakening.  But I’m only a mediocre  writer among so many great authors, why do I want to add more words to that crush of voices?  If I want to inspire, why not simply point folks to the riches I’ve discovered in others?

After brief reflection I realized that my impulse is not to share information, but to share life.  It is personal and communal, a desire to reach out to others who can identify with my own experiences.  Eloquence is much less important to me than honesty.  So let me encourage those of you who write, even to an audience of two or three–keep gifting your friendship.  Numbers don’t matter.  And as readers let’s interact with those who write, share personally and make a connection in our comments.  It will complete the circle of relationship offered and make our reading richer, more meaningful.


Posted February 16, 2013 by janathangrace in Personal

3 responses to “Why I Write

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  1. I’m teaching on Forgiveness next Wed morning.. would be interested if you had any new insights on this issue….

  2. Always keep writing and keep sharing Janathan! We should never tire of hearing, learning of God’s amazing grace!

  3. And I bet there are many like me who read your blog posts, even years later, yet never comment. I started at the beginning and I’ve read every post up until this date. So you never know how many people that God has used you to influence by your honest sharing! Please keep it up.
    (Let me know if you even see this comment from a post that was over 7 years ago.)

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