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My wife Kimberly had a headache today and in misery went to make herself lunch.  “Tell me a funny story,” she groaned,   So I started a tale about a clown that went to a nearby school to make balloon animals for the kids.  I thought my clown would add humor, but he did nothing to make us chuckle.  Okay, mistakes make good jokes, so my jester ended up making balloon animals that no one could recognize…  and the kids criticized his work.  I paused and said, “I’m clearly no good at telling funny stories.”   So the inept clown naturally got depressed over his rejected creations and made them all commit animal-balloon suicide.

Kimberly chortled, “Wait till I tell my girlfriends that I asked you for a funny story and you told me about a depressed clown that performed balloon animal suicides for children.”  I said, “Well, you have to know your audience,” and we both burst into laughter.  “Why don’t I horrify our friends on Facebook with our bleak sense of humor,” I gasped, and the very thought sent me into paroxysms of laughter, howling and shrieking till the tears streaked down my face and my stomach cramped.  If folks only knew!  [Yes, I linked this to my Facebook page ;-)]


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  1. oh I love this one!!

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