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Since I work till 2 a.m., Kimberly and I keep different sleep schedules, even on the weekend.  Being the only one awake late at night can be very lonely, and feeling a bit lost tonight, I flipped through some TV shows—a little basketball, a bit of news, the tale end of 48 Hours, a CSPAN symposium of legal experts pontificating on Dr. Seuss (the ethics of Whoville, surprisingly interesting)… channel-surfing to try to ride out my negative energy.  I wandered into the kitchen, looking in the frig and cupboards for something to fill my soul.  But I came up empty.

Then I took a desperate measure… I opened Anne Lamott.  For me, reading without a smidgen of positive energy is like trying to get a plane off the runway at 30  mph.  Apparently God puffed a tail-wind, a penny miracle to aid  my shaky effort to break free of gravity.  This one time my sputtering spirit settled into a quiet purr of reflection.  My life seems to be more stagger and flop than gliding, but I’m grateful for tonight.  May each of you find a little breeze of grace today.


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  1. Anne Lamott is my “go to” when I feel lost and don’t know what else to do, and need to be reminded that being human is okay and that Grace is real 🙂 I’m glad you visited with her last night just when you needed to. I hope that Grace follows you into today 🙂

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