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For November I posted daily a thanksgiving on Facebook, usually tongue in cheek, and I found the daily practice was good both for my writing and my outlook.  Keeping a habit is a good bit easier than creating one from scratch, so here’s my carryover: daily advent reflections, starting inevitably with simplicity to which Kimberly and I are forced by our meager resources.

Dec. 1 (yes, I realize it is Dec. 2… I’ll catch up tonight)
So, Thanksgiving’s out of the way, barely.  Friday and Saturday I put up half our Christmas decorations, a little here, a little there… the rest is not going up.  Kimberly and I scale our life investments to our energy levels, which is one of the secrets not only of keeping the spirit (and Spirit) in Christmas, but of surviving all year.

I could say we are forced into simplicity, and it sometimes feels that way, but truly it is a life choice.  We have discovered that our hearts are fuller, healthier, more alive when we spend within our means emotionally, financially, socially, and in every other way.  I have to continually remind myself that my lifestyle is a choice.  It doesn’t feel that way because our personal poverty level is not a choice–it has been thrust upon us–and though we do what we can to increase our reserves without depleting our souls, we seem to make little headway.  But how we choose to live within such a tight emotional budget is in our hands, and I believe we do well with what we have, better than many who have far more in their personal accounts.

Many approach Christmas with a determination to squeeze out of it every ounce of happiness they can–after all it only comes once a year.  They decorate lavishly and bake incessantly and shop feverishly.  They bribe or cajole all the relatives into coming for this great gala, then spend large amounts of energy keeping everyone to task fulfilling THE PLAN.  “Quiet night, holy night” gets swallowed up in the Magnificent Christmas Celebration.  Sometimes the spirit of Christmas seeps into our souls more easily when we settle into simplicity.


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