A Grace-Ruined World   4 comments

Grace is truly a mystery.  I understand how justice works to set things back to rights, but how exactly does forgiveness work?  Isn’t it bound to set things more out of whack?  Fair trade makes great sense–everything adds up at the end of the day in the universe’s great balance sheets–but giving things away willy-nilly is going to ruin the bottom line.  How will we know who owes what to whom?  If you fling the doors of grace wide open isn’t there going to be a run on the bank?  And if grace were as common as pebbles, there’d be no market for it–you’d have to give it away without charge.  Imagine that: free grace.  Who can predict where that would end: the collapse of the world as we know it.


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  1. Helps explain why I become resentful when I have given out much grace to loved ones and receive none in return…the resentment comes from my life long need for things to be fair. This need for fairness has been and will continue to be a stumbling block in my ability to give grace and not take it back..it was conditional after all and not true grace at all.

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself! You need grace too! We are limited as humans, and like everything else, we have a limited amount of grace to offer others… only God is unlimited in grace resources. So we have to make wise choices about how to dispense the grace we have to offer, not giving more than we can afford emotionally. I think it is also important to find what restocks our grace-tanks and put ourselves under that tap so we don’t run dry.

  2. Thank you. I was depleted and yes too hard on myself. The reminder in your response refreshed my soul. I enjoyed your writing today also. Lately, I have better understood how my spiritual gifts contribute and have relaxed my expectations to be everything to everyone.

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