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“The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality” –Andrew Solomon

If you are like me, you feel encouraged by hearing the stories of others who struggle with depression.  Loneliness, the sense that others cannot relate or understand or empathize, is both a fuel for and a flame from depression.  So hearing others share their own journey is a balm to my weary soul.  Here is such a talk by Andrew Solomon.

Kimberly and I know one another’s stories and experiences so well that it often seems there is nothing else to share, like we are trapped inside our own little bubble… it is safe, but offers little chance for fresh input to spark change.  It seems that every time we crack the door to let in a little good, a tide of anti-grace is waiting to push its way in.  The world is so full of direct and indirect condemnation, which is especially hard for sensitive souls to filter out.   Perhaps you can relate.


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