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I got my mom’s gerry-rigging gene.  Kimberly sometimes laughs at the outlandish solutions I invent, but I can usually solve her problems.  When we’re traveling and have very limited resources, I can fix it if it’s too hot or too cold, too high or too low, too dark or too light.  I’ve been known to create furniture alternatives, substitute apparel, and make-shift appliances.  And when we’re at home, the possibilities are endless, even when there’s no money.

Of course, my first tries are often flubs, sometimes disastrous or comical, like the soil bed I built on the outside of our second story deck to keep the deer from eating our tomato plants (and easier to tend).  I didn’t think about how much heavier wet dirt is, till one night after three days of rain the whole thing crashed to the ground with a thump that brought us running.  Or the time I didn’t notice the fatal flaw in my towing plan.


car mishap

On the more comical side was my solution for Berly’s morning juggle out to the car for work, carrying her bagel and coffee and purse and bag.  What could I invent to carry her bagel and coffee that she could hold with one finger, with a flat bottom so she could put it down as she opened and closed doors?  I took a laundry bottle and cut holes in the side and tried to decorate it so it didn’t look so much like, well, a plastic jug with holes… using the contours of the container as a creative canvas.  The results were… um….


Functional or not, that wasn’t going to leave the house for public viewing!  The next iteration involved a shirt sleeve and hook, but Kimberly left her job before I could perfect the design.  If you’ve got a problem, I’ve got a solution or three, and they usually work in the end, with minimal cost… as long as I don’t burn the house down in the process.


Posted April 24, 2014 by janathangrace in Personal

2 responses to “I Can Fix That

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  1. Kent,

    It’s Paul Brush from Galilee Baptist (which, as you know, is no longer around). Send me an email at cepillo1969@hotmail.com and let me know what you’re doing.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! I love this! I think it’s a mixture of Dad’s handyman DIY legacy and Mom’s frugality and creative legacy playing out!! We can imagine dozens of possible “solutions” for anything!!! The downside always seems to be the execution!! Dennis and I have just spent a horrendous two weeks trying to do repairs ourselves on our refrigerator that was not cooling. The internet promised the parts were easy to plug in!!! …..I particularly love the illustrative car scene in your scenario!!

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