It’s All Kimberly’s Fault!   3 comments

See, I have a very neat and organized view of life and she is all over the map. “Wait,” you say, “aren’t you weighting the whole thing at the start by comparing life to a map?  Maybe life is more like a painting.”  Well… okay… now you’ve confused me… hold on!  Life can’t be like a painting because you can’t live without following the rules, you have to do things in order–socks first, then shoes; toothpaste first, then brushing; shopping, chopping, cooking, eating, all in that order.  Life is like a map.

“Okay, if you lack the creativity to see life as anything but a map, what about off-roading?  With the right vehicle, you can go anywhere on the map at any time.”  You’re making me very uncomfortable–if you don’t stick to the roads you’ll get disoriented and lost and never make it to your next stop.  “Who says there is a next stop, who decides the destination and how to get there?  Aren’t you assuming a few things? In fact, what does ‘lost’ even mean?”  Lost is when you don’t know where you are or how to get where you’re supposed to go, and everybody knows where you’re supposed to go.  “And if Kimberly doesn’t see it that way?”  Then she’s wrong!

“Ah, well, that sounds like a good way to resolve differences–declare yourself right and the other person wrong!”  Look, I’ve tried seeing things her way, but it’s like looking at a Picasso, it makes no sense.  “Maybe that’s the point.”  To make no sense?!  “That the problem is with the sense rather than the painting, maybe it’s the way you are looking rather than what you are looking at… and by the way, I notice you brought back the life-as-a-painting metaphor.”  So you are suggesting the problem is with my mind and how it is structured, that I have to change my mind?  “Well, let’s just say broaden your mind–the goal is to understand Kimberly, not abandon your own perspective in favor of hers.  But you have to understand her from her perspective not from your own.”  You mean I have to see Hip-Hop like Snoop Dogg sees it, not like Julie Andrews sees it?  Because I don’t get Hip-hop either… and I’m not sure I want to get it.  “Baby steps. Start with Kimberly.”


Posted October 25, 2014 by janathangrace in Personal

3 responses to “It’s All Kimberly’s Fault!

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  1. Love this “dialogue”! Many years ago – hmmm would that be decades ago now??? – I began to treat my mental world (worlds) like a jig-saw puzzle….. that can be taken apart and put back together in any number of ways…. each of which displays a different picture of me, you, life, God, the universe and such. So when I come up with a new piece that doesn’t fit into one picture, I try it out on one of the alternative pictures I’ve got going and see if it might fit there instead. None of my puzzle pictures is even anywhere near complete. So I’ve got some trees, a part of some animal, a row of houses along with most of the street in one. In another I’ve got some fish and part of the bank with plants and birds and a rock wall… yes it connects up with those plants so it belongs there. I’ve got one that is almost all sky, clouds, birds and lots of the edge pieces but can’t figure out what goes in the other part.

    • Well, that’s an interesting approach to life! Of course, you would need a “you” that would arbitrate between these different perspectives or you would lead a very fragmented life (the relaxed you would decide not to go to work, but the responsible you would get in a fight with her and people-pleasing you and pragmatic you and other yous would take sides and chaos would ensue!) I think this would actually make a fascinating children’s book!

  2. im sorry im scared i always asking to my family what is my fault
    if there anything wrong or what. i did answer my question too. im scared because i hv a begest mestake of the intiere lyf. like im comet a more wishes.

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