Be Gentle and Kind to Yourself   9 comments

Be gentle and kind to yourself.  Your soul needs it.  Be patient with yourself, life is hard enough without your self-criticism.  Learn to support yourself, not superficially with cake and new shoes, but at the deepest levels towards your heart’s real needs.  Lovingly forgive yourself for your failures and shortcomings as you would those of a dear friend.  Be your own best friend.  You are in as much need of a true friend as anyone else.

What does your heart need today?  It will only be honest with you if you are gentle and kind to it.  It is not luxury or indulgence to give first-aid to your bleeding heart-wounds.  To ignore them or diminish them would be neglect, so take full measure of your pain and with compassion find a way to give the help your weary, struggling heart needs.  With a little courage, ask for assistance from others and accept what is offered freely and without apology, but with real gratitude.

Be kind to yourself today, and gentle.  It is the root from which compassion springs up for others.  Practice it on yourself first and you will be better at giving it to others.


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9 responses to “Be Gentle and Kind to Yourself

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  1. I’m not good at this. I have been trying today to practice, but I can’t figure out what my soul needs. I feel the great neediness of it, its throbbing pain and stumbling gate, but I don’t know what it needs to relieve its misery or make it more bearable.

  2. Really great word Kent! Happy new year! p
  3. Thanks for this post, I’m not good at this, being still and listening is a luxury for me.
    Thanks also for sharing your walk, several family members have struggled with depression. I have been at a loss to comprehend this reality and you have helped me to see and feel a bit of their despair.

    • I’m glad my shared experience allows you a better grasp of those who struggle with depression. Often empathetic listening is the greatest help and support we depressives experience.

  4. Thank you so much (!)
    for sharing your heart. May God bless you Janathan.

  5. Thanks for the reminder Kent. I would love to know some of things people feel their soul needs and how they apply that?

    My first emotion after I read this post was anger…at the Lord I guess or maybe myself, not sure. I feel I have rarely had much clarity on what I need. I can be hard on myself and as a byproduct, the Lord, but I have often felt like much of my life has been lived in a haze, simply trying to do the basics of life, with only a minimal amount of success. And to the degree that I have had clarity on what my soul needs or at least, think it needs, I have had no clue how to attain it.

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