When Tiredness is Chronic   1 comment

We are moving and selling our house.  It takes a great deal of work to get a house ready to sell: fixing, updating, de-cluttering, prepping… on top of working two jobs.  It is exhausting.  All day long I mutter, “I am SO tired.”  And the work never ends.  I’ve tried multiple fixes and none have worked.  Trying to sleep it off just delays the soul and body ache which jumps me the moment I start my day.   Every other search for relief has the same dead-end result.

It occurred to me recently that I may need to accept weariness as my current stage in life, like the parents of a newborn must do.  Perhaps resignation is my best move since every failed effort at escape simply increases my sense of entrapment.  I can live with exhaustion just as others live with arthritis–with a bit of accommodation and commonsense caution, carry on with life each day as it is given me to live.  I’ll let you know how it plays out (if I’m not too tired to blog).


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  1. As we say in the Episcopal church: “may the peace of the Lord be with you.”

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