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Conquering the World from a Cross   Leave a comment

Good Friday was the triumph of grace over law.  Law was unmasked, over-ruled, dethroned.  Forgiveness triumphed over judgment, love and mercy over just desserts.  Do your worst to God, torture and kill his own son, and he will love you still, he will reach out to you, offer you a way out of your lostness, bitterness, hatred, and misery.  God will never stop loving you with all his heart… or your neighbor… or your enemy, which is the hard part for us.  He does not love us more than them… he does not even see them as more wicked and deserving of damnation than he sees us.  That is the tough news of grace–it embraces everyone or it succumbs to the law, loses its whole nature of undeserved love.  Once any small degree of deserving enters, grace disappears.  The amazing, wonderful news is that grace is not partial, it covers every evil we have done or will do without flinching.  No act, no person is beyond its reach… which is also the hard news.  It means the world is not divided between a good us and a bad them.  There is no them, just us fallen human beings.  We’re all in this together, broken and in desperate need of grace.

But the tough news is the good news, because we finally have a solution to our fractured and destructive relationships.  Our resolution to the anger, hatred and aggression of others is not to overpower it with our own righteous judgment and coercive power–for when we try to stand on our own righteousness, we ultimately judge ourselves.  The law condemns all equally.  The only resolution to hatred, whether self-directed or other-directed, is more love.  In other words the true solution, the only solution, the only possible way out of our lostness, is grace.  And that grace is ultimately, finally, completely poured out in the life and death of God’s only Son.  Grace has come and triumphed over all, breathing life into death, flashing hope into despair, filling our crushed hearts with love unconquerable.


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