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As we have been struggling financially for a while, I decided to save money this winter by installing a wood burning stove in our basement.  I found a 55 gallon barrel, scavenged cinder blocks and ductwork from ditches and dumpsites, and with a $50 kit converted the barrel into a stove.  I mortared the blocks together with clay from my yard and ran the ducts into our heating system.  It is utilitarian, stuck in our basement with our washer/dryer, fusebox, unfinished ceiling and walls, and storage units, so I let it  be an uncouth affair.  It has served us well with free wood which is always available in these forested hills.

Nature's Ballet

As I build each fire and stoke it through the day, I have gradually spent more and more time just watching the flames.  In my boyhood, the hearth was a spot of peace and calm.  It was simply for our pleasure, so we lit it only when we had leisure time and a desire to sit in quietness.  Childhood emotional memories are deep rooted, and I find that sitting by the fire now is healing, soothing.  At first I sat leaning against a paving stone on the cement floor, but I eventually dragged a recliner into this storage room, and here I sit, listening to the steaming, popping, and crackling and watching the orange dancing glow, art in motion.

I’d like to ask my readers, what was peaceful and calming for you as a child?  Would you share it with us?


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