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Hey, so I just finished reading everybody’s blog on the b242 blogring and it was inspirational!  John is the only one who showed up to join me for the “men’s breakfast” this morning, and afterwards he took me down to see his lab.  All very interesting, but a lot of it way above my head.  I haven’t looked into a microscope since college!  We have to get John to join the blogring–send him an email! 

Kimberly has 4 classmates from college that get together every summer for a weekend–they’ve come to Lynchburg this weekend (from across the country), but they don’t bring their ‘primary other,’ so I’m left out.  I didn’t get to see her last weekend either (because of another friend visiting her), and the weekend before that we were having a fight (well, not really a fight–just some hard stuff we had to work through, we’re better for it now).  Living 3 1/2 hours apart really sucks!  In spite of that, today feels good for some strange reason.


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  1. We’ve tried to talk John into blogging…

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