I joined birthday girl Jen and friends at Screen on the Green last night.  I left early but found the Smithsonian metro stop closed, so I walked up to federal triangle.  At Metro Central (is that the name?) a huge crowd pushed into the cars, apparently flooding out from a recent Nationals game.  People kept jamming in and blocking the door.  The doors would reopen as the digitized female repeated, “please keep clear of the door… doors closing,” and more would elbow in.  It became very irritating by about the 10th time this happened (since there was an endless mass of people disgorging from the escalators).  So why do some things make me angry and others don’t?


Posted July 19, 2005 by janathangrace in Uncategorized

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  1. Next time, walk the other direction and catch the Orange Line at Federal Center SW.

  2. Close enough– it’s Metro Center. 🙂 And I second Bruce on the FCSW stop… or to L’Enfant. But one must comment on the stupidity of closing the Smithsonian metro when Screen on the Green is in progress…. I mean, really. That’s just dumb.

  3. I agree…just reludicrous!

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