So does anyone else feel like amateurs next to Jen’s philosophical blogs?  She writes well and has thought provoking ideas… Some of the things it made me ponder: what is the relationship between wishing and prayer (e.g. what turns a wish into a prayer, what’s the difference between the two, can you pray for anything you wish for, how is God related to my wishes–like does he inspire them, criticize them, fulfill them when He knows better….)?  Where do wishes come from?  Is it better to wish than not wish?  What’s the dif b/w wishing and hoping?  Can you really consider it a wish if it is something you can grant yourself?  Does wishing make life better, even if it isn’t fulfilled?  Does wishing for something make it more likely that you will get it?  I wish I knew.


Posted July 25, 2005 by janathangrace in Uncategorized

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  1. Thanks for the compliment, Kent… I’m blushing.
    “Can you really consider it a wish if it is something you can grant yourself?” I had a whole paragraph written up asking this question, attempting to answer it, but it got removed during a final edit… it is an interesting question.

  2. Kent- time to blog more!

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