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Okay, so I’m finally posting a new entry.  I guess if I didn’t feel like I had to write something substantive every time I might write more often.  I now have an internet connection.  In fact I got it the day after writing the last post.  However, Verizon keeps postponing my ‘start-up’ date… the latest being December 8.  How weird is that?!  I tried to get satellite TV this week, but there are too many trees boxing me in to get a signal, so it ain’t possible.  Thanks, Bruce, for that intriguing website regarding the secret postcards.  I think I will order the book. 

Kimberly and I went to her brother’s place in Raleigh, N.C. for thanksgiving.  I get worn out pretty quickly by large crowds (anything more than 4-5 people!), especially if it is folks I don’t know, so I’m glad we weren’t there too long.

My house is a bit of a mess, which is a telltale sign of a similar disorder in my soul.  I just resigned from all involvement in the work I started in India.  Most of you don’t know I have continued to be involved (especially in funneling money to them).  I only recently realized what a great emotional drain it was on me.  Like a typical guy, I thought if I refused to think about it, it wouldn’t affect me much.  Bad idea.  It feels somewhat relieving, but I struggle with the guilt of letting them down.  In truth, as much as they don’t like it, this is probably best for them anyway.

Well, Chaio!


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