I see I am just sneaking under the wire to post this before a month has expired on my last blog.  You start losing double brownie points if you cross the 30 day gap.  I FINALLY got my internet working (it died 2 weeks after it started).  But now my VOIP line is not working, so I’m still basically phone-less.  Berly and I spent christmas here in Lynchburg, just the two of us celebrating (she only had 3 days off, and that didn’t seem like enough time to travel… besides she only found out a week in advance that she had the time off.  She has been taking a break from work, only working part time, but she goes back to full time this week.  I have been doing virtually nothing on my doctorate and don’t mind at all!  My shoulders and back have been acting up badly for a month now, which limits sleep and prevents exercise.  How can I be getting this old at 44?!  Berly and I have settled into a church here that we both like.  We hope to get into a small group soon.  That about covers us down here.


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  1. Good to hear from you Kent– glad to hear that you two have found a church you like down there.

  2. Yeah, but do they have an “Eddie”?……lol.

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