Xanga tells me it’s been 333 days since I joined.  Hey, nobody told me how to get those linked little pictures of books/movies/etc. on my blog site.  How do you do it?  Come on, somebody and tell me the secret.

Berly and I watched a terrific movie the other day.  I think it was called What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams (the title is so forgettable).  If you interpret the segment on hell as a commentary on life in this world, it gives a much better take I think.  But the theme (and subthemes) is powerful: someone who is deeply hurting is more deeply wounded rather than helped by the other person being ‘strong’ instead of empathetic. 


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  1. Sorry…
    When you go to post a new blog, after you type up what you want to say… underneath that box is an “extras” box… and the second line in there says “Currently” and next to it is a pull-down box that says “listening to” or something like that. Next to that is a blue “search” button. So you pull down to whatever you want “listening to”, “watching”, “reading”… click search and a pop-up comes up. You enter the title you’re looking for, hit enter… and up pops a list of potential matches. Scroll for whatever it is you’re looking for… when you find it, click “add to my site”. Should take you back to your post.
    I couldn’t make it all the way through What Dreams May Come… it came out shortly after multiple deaths of people close to me and I just couldn’t do  it. Maybe I should try again.

  2. Thanks, Jen.  It’s good to hear from you!  About the movie… the part that troubles me is the idea that all suicides (and only suicides) go to hell… but if I read back into this life what ‘hell’ is like here, it works for me.  I LOVED their idea of heaven.

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