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What Jes said about anger reminds me of a book I have been reading repeatedly for the last year and giving out as gifts to everyone, The Dance of Anger.  It is so powerful, so insightful, and has helped me tremendously not only in understanding my anger, but so many other swirling emotions as well.  I highly recommend it.

I am preparing to join Kimberly part time in working at L’Arche helping developmentally disabled folks in a group home.  I feel so much more comfortable with the folks at L’Arche than with church folks… they are much more committed to honesty, real relationship, and a gracious spirit.


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  1. Kent, that is a great book and we have discussed it in many of my classes. The other good one is Boundaries. If you haven’t read it, it is worth a look. How exciting to be at L’Arche. All the L’Arche communities I have known have been wonderful places with many caring individuals. We’ll pray for your work there to be filled with insight and love.

  2. Has the book helped you with hostility toward the Church?

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Jes.  You mean the books by cloud and townsend?

  4. The book is great about anger towards anything–it helps to identify the real source and issues behind our anger, the dysfunctional junk we have been a part of.

  5. Is this a newer book? I think I remember reading some of a book called Dance of Anger (or was it depression?) before… but that was back in Middle School – I think.

  6. Harriet Lerner has written several books starting with ‘the dance of”… intimacy, fear, the mother dance, etc.  It is an older book.  You may have seen it in middle school. She mostly talks about the same issues, but I think her dance of anger is the fundamental one.

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