I don’t have much to report, but thought I should say something.  I took the red cross CPR and first aid course so that I can get licensed to provide direct care to developmentally disabled folks.  I am seriously considering joining the home where Kimberly works.  One problem is that I have two speeding tickets in the last two years which doesn’t give me a good driving record (so I may not be able to transport folks)… does anybody know if there is a way to reduce points on your d.l. (like taking drivers ed. or something)?  I will be going to Europe to speak to a small group of missionaries April 7, and will be flying out of D.C. so I hope to visit with some of you folks before and/or after.


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  1. i don’t know that there are any classes to help with your points. I know that when you get a wreckless driving ticket, its mandatory to go to class to get your liscense back…but…i don’t know if it does anything for the actual points.

  2. I took about four of those classes back in probably 2002 and have, thus, never had any points. But I reached the maximum allowable (for attending classes and forgiving points) for a five year period in that one or two year span… so I guess it’s a good thing I’m not driving too much right now. This is all in Florida though I suppose.They’re not too bad. I’ve taken the basic one offered by a small company, one by a national chain, one offered by a college campus… even a comedy one that tried to make the info funny. I’m a driver’s ed connoisseur.

  3. Wow, you guys are great!  Thanks for the VERY prompt feedback!

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