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Thanks for your input about driving points.  I followed Jen’s lead and took an online course (that lasted 3 hours instead of 8–self-paced) and will be good for 5 safe driving points.  I have to go to a local center to take the ‘final,’ but you can take the final as often as needed to pass (and I think passing is just 80%).  Everyone gets 1 safe driving point for each year without a citation (and you can have a max of 5 safe driving points).  Your citation stays on your record only 2 years (I think it used to be 3), so if I’ve figured it correctly, I should actually be one point in the positive by this summer (passing the two year mark for my first of two 4-point citations for speeding)… unless they wait till the year end to update. 

Those who have ridden with me will find it hard to believe that I am a much more laid-back driver now… my laid-back lifestyle inclines me that direction.  Lynchburg is good for the soul… just not for the pocketbook!  Since my finances are now sinking into the red, I’m going to have to get a job soon (but not before returning from Europe).


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