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I’m headed for Croatia and Albania this Thursday.  the first week I speak to a dozen missionaries on a retreat and the second week I teach a class on grace to Albanian bible students.  I’ll be flying out of Dulles, and hope to stay on a few days in D.C. to visit folks after returning April 22.  I’ve been unusually apprehensive about this trip.  Why does it feel you become more vulnerable when you grow? 

I was very emotionally stable most of my life, but not emotionally healthy.  I was just very good at overriding my own feelings and getting on with life.  It felt better, but it had serious negative repercussions in my relationships with people and God.  Now that I am learning to listen to emotions and make room for them, I have to deal with all kinds of bad feelings I didn’t have before.  I’m less emotionally ‘stable’ but more emotionally healthy.  It feels much worse than ignoring my feelings… it seems that is the way growth works–stepping into the things that are uncomfortable. 


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