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Well, I’m back from Europe.  It was a good trip.  My messages on grace were very well received by both the missionaries and the bible school students.  The first week in Croatia I spent in a hotel overlooking the Adriatic sea (the hotel patio ended at the stone beach and I had a balcony).  It was really gorgeous.  The second week in Albania I spent at my second cousin’s home with his cute family. 

Croatia was beautiful and quite developed.  I took one afternoon to see the old walled city of Dubrovnik.  For somebody raised on knights-in-shining-armor fairytales, it was really delightful.  You could walk the mile and a half circumference on top of the city wall and take little detours up into the towers.  At points the walls were 200 feet high (how’s that for early skyscrapers!)

Albania was another matter all together.  I have never been on such bad roads, even in Calcutta, India!  I rode a bicycle the two miles to the school each day to teach because it was faster than taking a car.  The school has about 20 students and I had to speak by translation.

In the two weeks I was gone, spring swept in.  I left with gray, empty branches lacing the sky and I returned to a world covered in green.  Spring is so beautiful here!  It was good to see you bridgeway folks also on the way back.


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