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It is thanksgiving morning.  It has never been a very big celebration in our family other than a large meal with extended family, less extended as the years have gone by, so I don’t really miss not doing anything or being with anyone significant.  It mostly feels like any other day.  I volunteered to work in the L’Arche home today (3-11p.m.) so others could enjoy family gatherings.  Even our core members are mostly out with family, though two will have returned by this afternoon and we plan to go eat at our weekly gathering spot called “The Fisherman’s Lodge,” a weekly community dinner sponsored by a small local church that draws 30 or 40 people.

It has turned beautiful outside, but my knee is bummed from biking yesterday (in very cold rain), so no biking today.  This weather is luckily supposed to hold through the weekend (when temperatures will reach the upper 60s).  I started to really connect with my soul this morning, but those feelings just walked out without warning or reason, so I’m left with this sense of emptiness… I’m not sure where my emotions will drift today.  Kimberly will be home tomorrow, which gives me something to hang hope on.


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