Well, I can’t seem to think of anything important to say.  I thought the warm weather was finally behind us, but we are supposed to reach 60 degrees tomorrow!  Considering how much I froze my toes off yesterday biking, I will gladly welcome shirt sleeve weather.  Some of the hills I bike around here are miserably steep.  A couple of them I can’t climb without weaving from one shoulder to the other all the way up, and it doesn’t help my back.  We are having a “Dirty Santa” L’Arche party on Tuesday (should probably call it “Cheap Santa”), and another one on the 19th.  Berly will probably come to the second one–she’s been avoiding appearances at the house, but thought she might like to come to this.  We are still deciding about what to do for Christmas–plan to be on our own… maybe spend the night somewhere special.  Hope you all have great Christmas celebrations!


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  1. A Merry Christmas to you, too.  Did you see our great news?  http://www.xanga.com/ludditeMike  We couldn’t reach you.  Send us your new email address and phone.

  2. Yes, heard the good news Mike (from your post).  congratulations.  I’m down with bronchitis. phone number 434-609-2004. email kent_mcquilkin@yahoo.com

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