Well, I have had bronchitis for two weeks now, starting on Christmas eve!  Thankfully Berly and I celebrated Christmas that morning, so I didn’t really miss anything, but I have been fairly miserable.  Luckily I got a day off for Christmas week and a day off for new years (and took two sick days), so I had extra time to rest.  I seem to be getting slowly better.  Berly and I celebrated Christmas together at a lodge near the blueridge parkway.  Half the day was spent in processing some of our personal issues–for us, that makes it a good day!  It is deeply fulfilling for us to connect with our true hearts, understand and accept ourselves and each other, and reach a new level of personal and relational health.  It is not comfortable, but very comforting, not easy, but very enriching.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! But it sounds like you’re doing well in spite of it. It’s good to hear from you!!

  2. No doubt homie! Learning to speak Jes’ language, and her learning to speak mine is quite the effort. So much goes into just realizing that we come from 2 different worlds, and that shows in the way we respond to different situations. Accepting our differences sometimes becomes difficult, but identifying them also gives you the room to enjoy similarities, or the differences that you both enjoy about eachother. Farting in the bedroom is going to be a tough thing for Jes to accept throughout life…but it’s important to me….(just kidding).
    Miss you bro.

  3. Hey, great to hear from you guys!  It makes me feel still connected.

  4. You know my college roommates accused me of having no emotions whatsoever, so I’m still trying to see if I have any inner feelings.

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