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I have been doing my week’s work in two days–double shift thursday and friday and recovery saturday!  Berly and I were going to play miniature golf last night, but the two courses they have in Lynchburg are very plain-jane, and for me the fun is not in getting a ball in the hole, but in playing through all those creative and wild constructions.  So we went shopping at WalMart instead–got a pair of shoes for each of us and looked at TVs (since ours is dying).  We’re planning on going to Virginia Beach for her birthday, so hopefully we can find a good course there (I know they have fun ones in Myrtle Beach). 

We’re thinking about buying season tickets to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  They are 2008 unlimited use tickets that can be used the rest of THIS year also.  They are also 25% off if purchased in 4s.  Any other interested parties out there?  I’ve started putting up the sound-proof wall in our loft bedroom.  I enjoy working around the house.  I need to buy a jointer for cleaning up the used wood I scavanged for our use.  Berly’s aunt is getting us used household stuff from Raleigh, NC as our wedding present, so maybe I should look on Craig’s list for one of those for her to get–they’re pretty expensive new.

Have a great day all!


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  1. I looked around to see if there was anything written specifically about Pavarotti and his decision to begin a concert series featuring him singing with various different artists (the series, started in 1992, was titled Pavarotti and Friends and all benefits were donated to war torn countries to help children survivors of war. I believe there is a 4 DVD set of these concerts available.) but I didn’t see anything written specifically about that. I am planning to read a Pavarotti biography soon though, and if there’s a good section about that I’ll let you know. For right now, I’ve just been searching through youtube to see more of his performances with pop singers– his one with Jon Bon Jovi is surprisingly good, as is his one with Tracy Chapman. But the James Brown duet is my favorite by far… it’s such a great blend of soul and opera… really emphasizes (to me at least) the universal nature of music.

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