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Kimberly and I took a 5 day vacation last week (because of my double shifts I can do this without using vacation time).  We had a lot of fun at Busch Gardens for two days and then spent a couple days at Virginia Beach, ending with a visit to an old college buddy of mine before coming home.  In order to stay on a regular day schedule, I usually only sleep a couple of hours on Saturday after my second overnight and sleep Saturday night.  Since I switched my Wednesday shift for Saturday last week, I had to go back to work after only a couple hours of sleep.  I was really wiped out and decided I won’t do that again.

My father is having some heart issues.  He just turned 80 and has been in pretty good health, but his blood pressure dropped suddenly and when they investigated, they decided to immediately implant a pacemaker and a defibrillator.  I didn’t know about it because he contacted his kids by email, but we were not checking email on vacation.  It seems he still feels pretty bad.  He has only been remarried for 3 years, so his young wife is quite anxious.

I’m currently working to put in a sound-reduction wall in our upstairs loft which we are turning into a bedroom.  We had a roof window put in there a month ago.  It is all progressing a lot more slowly than we would like, mostly because I seem to spend too little time working on it.  But Kimberly has been quite patient. 

Blessings all, Janathan.


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