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Okay, so I took some time to figure out why my blog was displaying so wide and fixed it by deleting a URL from a post, and that was enough to make my post the one most recently updated in the Bridgeway webring, which isn’t really fair to others (if, like me, you read posts based on the most recently posted).  So I thought I should add a post though I can’t think of anything very significant to write (which is why there usually is such a gap between my postings)

My D.Min. program director contacted me to let me know that I had passed my deadline for completion of  the dissertation, and if I planned to do it, I should get it moving quickly, so I have started back on that in earnest.  My intention is to write about a certain school of thought regarding sanctification (spiritual growth) with which I have struggled from an early age.  It is called the “Victorious Christian Life.”  I have struggled with it because the goal of spiritual victory (living with no known sin) was one which I felt obligated to meet in order to be an acceptable Christian, but which I consistently failed to do.  Of course, it is more complex than how I have abbreviated it here.

Our house project goes on apace, but each step takes more time than I expect.  Grace to all, Janathan


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  1. This is really exciting! You are exactly the right person to challenge this established Evangelical belief system. I eagerly anticipate the completion of your disertation and hope you will also be able to adapt it for a general audience and find a publisher. My earnest prayers are with you in this very important undertaking.Also getting your PhD may open some new doors for you…. or not….. who knows!Mardi

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