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Hey, Bridgeway folks, you guys seem to be posting less and less.  Lets hear from Ben and Eddie and Jes and Michael and Karen and John!  Jen still posts now and again.  I miss hearing about you guys.

Kimberly is gone this week to Maryland until Friday.  I agreed to work mostly overnights this week so another worker here at L’Arche could go to this retreat.  I originally started working overnights last winter/spring so I could study during the shift, but I discovered psychologically it was very difficult to study through the night.  It brings back very wretched memories of pulling all-nighters… besides night time is for sleeping, not working, especially not thinking.   I will see how this week goes.  I am in a better place emotionally than I was.

The hill behind our house is completely covered in trees, so we have full privacy, but when winter comes and the leaves fall, the houses on the ridge appear through the trunks.  Winter is harder for Kimberly than for me, I think.  I love cool crisp weather if it is clear.  I enjoy the winter look of nature… if it is sunny.  The sun is the single most important factor (at least physical factor) to my sense of well-being.


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