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Kimberly and I went to South Carolina for the Christmas season (I actually had to work on Christmas, so we went the weekend before).  My dad and I had breakfast together and I was able to ask him a lot of questions about his childhood.  We had a good time.  I gave all my family members a framed picture of me and Kimberly to update their family picture walls.  We celebrated Christmas with my oldest sister, my dad and his wife, two cousins + daughter, Aunt and Uncle.  I didn’t know who all would be there, but I always keep a box of gifts handy, so I took a selection along with wrapping paper.


My sister Mardi gave me and Kimberly two wonderful pictures of grace as a “Christening” gift for our new family name.  We hung them over our bed.  Mardi, could you send us a copy by email so we could post it for everyone to see?


For my birthday (January 23) Kimberly and I went to Mountain Lake Resort.  It was really lovely.  On the way there the weather swung a couple of times from a completely overcast snow fall to blue skies.  It was weird.  We got to the Resort with the snowflakes painting everything white, and the next day it was blue skies.  Kimberly forgot her boots, so I went on a walk by myself in the beautiful, quiet, soft white and blue.  I apparently left my mp3 player in the cabin since I haven’t been able to find it since.

DSCF0153 DSCF0172  

I hope to write more consistently in my blog.  I have to be in a good place emotionally to have energy to do it, and also I need the motivation.  We’ll see how it goes.

Love to all,



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