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 My new schedule at work is an evening shift (3-11) followed by a 12 hour day (8a.m.-12 and 3-11). I get Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday off.  So far I like the schedule.  Lynchburg L’Arche is planning to open up a couple more homes, so I have talked to the director about becoming a home life coordinator (the person responsible for running of the home).  I feel strongly about the need to develop community around the L’Arche philosophy, which the present coordinator doesn’t seem to be able to do.  If I did take that role, it would probably be a year away.  In the meantime I am learning so much about community and grace.  It has been a tremendously stretching experience, and with Berly’s encouragement, I have grown personally this last year more than any other year of my life, I think. 


More later,



p.s. winter at our house



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