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I just got back from shopping at Walmart.  When I was 10 feet into the parking lot with a grocery cart full of food, a heavy rain started.  The sweat pants I bought for 5 bucks had a broken draw string, and as I was trying to hurry, they began slipping down my legs.  Trying to navigate a grocery cart in a downpour with one hand while desperately tugging on my waistband from alternate sides quickly became too much for me, so 35 feet into the parking lot I suddenly stopped and headed back to the store. 

Not wanting to crush delicate edibles, which I always put on top, I had stashed five 2 liter drinks in the bottom, and when I turned, they came tumbling out onto the pavement and rolled out of their bags.  Having no other choice, I chased them down, grabbed them, and dumped them on top of the tomatoes and sandwich bread, and I wheeled back through traffic while snatching at my pants. 

There was no way to know how long it would rain, so after a minute of hesitation, I left my cart under the eaves and started wandering the parking lot in the downpour looking for my car.  On the way in to Walmart, I was listening to voicemail, so I didn’t notice where I had parked (I can’t multi-task).  And as I was parking, the grocery-cart-collection-guy was occupying the spot I wanted, so I backed into the place opposite… unfortunately, the one identifying feature of my very nondescript honda accord is the bike rack I have on the back, which was now invisible.

I finally found my car, louded the sopping groceries, and headed home.  10 minutes later it stopped raining.  With my amazing sense of timing I should go into stand-up.


Posted February 6, 2008 by janathangrace in Uncategorized

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