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The weather we’ve had lately is really beautiful.  I’ve started biking regularly now that the weather is warmer.  It has been almost a year (last spring) since I biked several times a week.  I had a bout with gout in May, did a lot of traveling in the summer for our wedding receptions, and wasn’t motivated enough to bike in the cold.  All the weight I lost last year before our wedding I picked back up (I can’t really maintain my weight without exercising), so I need to lose 40-50 pounds again.  Last year I lost it too quickly and learned that sudden weight loss causes gout flare-ups… which is kind of weird because it used to be associated with obesity (and wealth!).  I’ve been on gout medication since the summer, so that has kept the arthritis in check.  For those who don’t know, I’ve struggled with this since grad school, though it wasn’t diagnosed until 15 years later.  It mostly affects my knees and ankles, so really prevents biking when it hits me.  I sound like an old geezer, don’t I?  Well, I am!


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  1. hello friend!  I haven’t been on here in forever, but stumbled on your response to Jen’s quote question, and was reminded of all the good perspectives on grace you shared while at BW.  Good stuff, good memories.  Good to catch up with you on your blog as well.  Keep it up! We should do the same, someday.  hello to Berly.  miss you guys! — K

  2. @bwlurker – Hey, Karen.  Good to hear from you.  Hello to Michael from us.  It would be good to see you both sometime.  We continue to grow and learn.  I told Kimberly that she and I are creating an alternate universe since no one else approaches relationship and personal growth like we do!  Grace, Janathan

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