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Hi everyone (if anyone is still reading this blog!), it is not a good sign when the the current web page shows pictures from last winter!  I have been very busy this summer working furiously on my doctoral dissertation to meet a do-or-die deadline imposed by the program director.  I got the segment finished (about 100 pages, plus numerous revisions assigned by my mentoring professor).  I have had a two week break as I wait for further revisions proposed by the whole committee.  It was a very needed break and included a long weekend with Kimberly in Williamsburg, where we spent a day at Busch Gardens and a day at colonial Williamsburg.  We are getting much better at having vacations without getting upset with each other for very long at a time.  The problem with vacations is that we are faced with a whole load of unusual events, decisions, etc. which we do not face in normal life and so have not learned to negotiate (Do we relax or try to get everything in? Do we spend more money or less on entertainment?  Do we choose things we both enjoy mildly or do we alternate between things one of us really likes and the other doesn’t or do we do things separately?  Are there time constraints or not? ad infinitum).  Just learning how to communicate clearly about things is a major step!


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