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Well, so much I could blog about I suppose.  That’s what happens when a lot of time passes between posts.  I have a couple of blogs that I like to read by authors who are total strangers to me, but are honest about their personal struggles.  It reminded me this morning that posting pictures of current events really help people stay more connected.  My sister Jan gave us autumn decorations that we put out this fall and really enjoyed, and we could have photographed that.  I put up Christmas decorations, but half of those are already down.  So no picture there either.

Berly’s and my Christmas present to one another this year was a new TV as our old one was dying.  We had saved cash from our wedding with this expectation and got a very good Christmas deal on a 42″ Sony LCD.  One of the first things we watched on it was our favorite, Lord of the Rings (part 1,,, we will watch part 2 & 3 soon).  Kimberly also bought me (stocking stuffer) a very cool DVD that plays an aquarium on your TV screen to either the sound of a fishtank (waterfilter) or to soft music.  I LOVE it!  It is the perfect background for reading, writing, studying, talking… basically anything other than watching TV!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.


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